ISO 9001 Certification

Do you want to obtain ISO 9001 certification or are you curious why other organizations choose to do so? ISO 9001 is the globally accepted standard for quality management. With a certification you can easily and independently demonstrate that you have a well-functioning quality management system. Often very important for your customers and for tenders.

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The standard explained

Would you like to obtain ISO 9001 certification?

Do you have ambitions to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate? DigiTrust can audit and certify your organization and provide it with an ISO 9001 certificate. DigiTrust is the ISO9001 specialist for the ICT sector and business services. We always combine these audits with information security audits. After all, that is our core business. DigiTrust carries out ISO9001 audits and certifications under accreditation for the ICT sector and business services.

DigiTrust has an accreditation for the ISO 9001 certification from the Accreditation body (RvA).

The sectors that we are allowed to audit and certify under accreditation are IT (sector 33) and business services (sector 35).
Having your Quality Management System certified is a wise choice. After all, this demonstrably proofs the quality of your organization to all stakeholders.
The ISO9001 has the same structure as the ISO27001 and NEN7510. The standard therefore has the same High Level Structure (HLS).
Tip; If you combine the ISO9001 with an ISO27001 and/or NEN7510 certification, you will save a lot of time and costs. We then speak of a so-called GMS system (Joint Management System).
ISO 9001 had a dull image in the past. Many useless manuals and procedures. Fortunately, this has changed since 2015 and this standard is also based on risks and therefore relevance. To comply with the ISO9001 standard, a “quality management system” must be established. That is not a software program, but a way of working. The standard also refers to the PDCA approach here. Make a good Plan (preparation), implement your plan (Do), Check whether you achieve your goals (Control) and if not, make adjustments (Act)

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The steps explained

ISO 9001 certification step-by-step plan

Would you like to prepare the organization for an ISO 9001 audit, for example using a checklist? Please note that there are different types of audits. An opinion audit, for example, is a value judgment by the auditor, in combination with advice. With a certification audit, advice is lacking, which means it is structured in a different way.

During the Pre-audit we check whether you are ready for certification. What is the status of the management system? Are there possibly still things that are not in order? DigiTrust can determine together with you which topics should be discussed during this pre-audit. We also determine the duration together. This is usually around 2 to 4 days to get a good idea of the management system and all control measures. After each pre-audit, DigiTrust provides you with a clear audit report, which describes in detail where you may not yet be working in accordance with the requirements.

Tip; this is a frequently chosen option. This will allow you to really start the process and immediately get a good idea of where you stand as an organization.

Initial certification

DigiTrust tests whether the system works and functions according to the requirements of ISO 9001. This assessment also includes the assessment of all work at your office and at the execution location. The initial certification consists of 2 parts. The phase 1 and phase 2 audit.

During the phase 1 audit we take a broad look at your management system (ISMS) and whether you are really ready for the phase 2 audit. We will also work together to create the audit plan for phase 2. Who do we need and when?

During the phase 2 audit we test the ISMS and all control measures.

Phase 1

During the phase 1 audit we take a broad look at your management system (ISMS) and whether you are really ready for the phase 2 audit. We will also work together to create the audit plan for phase 2. Who do we need and when?

Phase 2

During the phase 2 audit we test the ISMS and all control measures.

Issuance certificate

If the assessment is positive, the auditor will nominate the organization for certification. The certification manager carries out a quality check on the file. If everything is in order, you will receive the certification.

Surveillance audit 1

During the term of the certificate, which is usually three years, DigiTrust will conduct an annual audit. During a surveillance audit we take a sample of the various standard elements. If the assessment is positive, the current certificate will be continued.

Surveillance audit 2

DigiTrust will come by for the reassessment approximately three months before the certificate expires. This assessment is of the same scope as that in step 2 and should ensure that the certificate is extended for three years in the event of a positive result.

What is the investment for an ISO 9001 certification?

In order to provide a quotation for certification, we must have a good idea of your organization. You will receive a simple intake form from us for this. In this form you can enter your details and the context of your organization. What exactly do you do, what processes do you have, how many FTEs work in your organization?

This is the start of the formal DigiTrust process, we want to know who you are and what you do. After all, your organization is leading, not the standard.

We will make a calculation based on the information we received. The beginning of the calculation always starts with the number of FTE, this is determined by the standard that we must meet. DigiTrust will provide a quote based on all information received.

Tip; always keep a close eye on the number of FTEs and take stock of the job groups and positions. This can save a lot of time and certification costs. 

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More than 450 organizations have proceeded before you.