Declaration of independence and impartiality

DigiTrust’s management is committed to the principles of independence and impartiality in providing reliable, independent and impartial certification services. DigiTrust therefore provides certification services in an independent and impartial manner to both existing certificate holders and organisations seeking certification of their management system. DigiTrust relies on objective evidence and information where decision-making is not influenced by the interests of other parties. DigiTrust understands the importance of impartiality when carrying out certification activities: adequate (preventive) measures are taken regarding every (potential) possibility of conflict of interest to ensure impartiality. Directors, the management and (external) employees who carry out work for DigiTrust are obliged to act with impartiality and to sign a declaration of confidentiality and independence to that effect.

DigiTrust has a Committee of Impartiality (CvO). The committee consists of members from a variety of business sectors in which DigiTrust operates. The committee is tasked with advising DigiTrust’s management on specific issues related to impartiality. It also monitors DigiTrust’s independent and impartial actions. On an annual basis, the CvO assesses whether DigiTrust is operating independently and whether decisions on the granting, revocation and suspension of certificates are made with impartiality.

The CvO assesses DigiTrust’s impartiality in accordance with the standards ISO 17021-1:2015/4.2 and the general requirements in section 5.2. In line with the requirements set out in ISO 17065:2012, section 4.2 is used to monitor and ensure the performance of certification activities by DigiTrust in terms of impartiality.

DigiTrust does not provide consulting services for management systems. DigiTrust also does not provide internal audit services to its certificate holders.

Should any matters arise that you wish to report to the CvO, please do so via:

DigiTrust B.V.
Attn: CvO
Achtseweg Zuid 159R

5651 GW Eindhoven, the Netherlands