Accreditation information

DigiTrust is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) to conduct certification audits following the ISO 27001:2013/2022 and NEN 7510-1:2017 standards and ISO9001:2015. For 9001, DigiTrust has accreditation for the ICT and business services sector.

See here for the official registration on the RvA website. Link

An accreditation body refers to an organisation that is responsible for, inter alia, monitoring the level of service provided by certification bodies (such as DigiTrust). In the Netherlands, this body is called the RvA. The RvA has instilled its confidence in DigiTrust for auditing and certifying organisations with impartiality and independence following the ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and ISO9001 standards. DigiTrust has been granted the full scope of accreditation for conducting audits and certifications following NEN 7510. This means we are allowed to audit healthcare facilities (Z) as well as health information managers (B) and certify their management systems.

The RvA has the right to attend the audits of DigiTrust clients. If the RvA decides to attend an audit, neither DigiTrust nor the client may refuse. The aim of attendance is to assess the services of DigiTrust. The accreditation body’s assessor is not involved in conducting the actual audit. Any costs relating to the attendance of the accreditation body are to be borne by DigiTrust.

Of course, DigiTrust will inform you in advance if the RvA has given notification of its intention to attend an audit at your organisation.

DigiTrust has been granted accreditation for ISO27001, NEN7510 Z and B and ISO9001

Regarding ISO9001, DigiTrust has been granted accreditation for sector 33 – ICT and 35 – business services.