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DigiTrust will help your organization to achieve your certification and is the expert in the field of information security in the Netherlands. Assessing your information security management system is our core business

Proudly certified by DigiTrust B.V.

Audits and certification

Why choose DigiTrust

Customers and relations would like to know whether information security is properly arranged at the companies that they work with.

With a certification from DigiTrust, organizations objectively demonstrate that they comply with the international standard for information security; an important signal to the market and often a requirement in tenders.

DigiTrust audits in a way where your organization is leading, not the standard. We look carefully at the context of your organization. We use the standard requirements and will discuss this with you during the audit. Depending on your context and risks, we assess whether this is in line with the standard requirements. And we do this at, among others: ICT (MSP), Marketing, Healthcare, Government, Energy and Telecom organizations.

DigiTrust has its own committed and enthusiastic auditors. This allows us to guarantee the quality we deliver.

We audit and certify against the standards ISO 27001, NEN 7510, ISO 9001, BIO, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 and the new ISO 27701 – privacy

DigiTrust is a member of Cyberveilig Nederland (Cyber-secure the Netherlands) and therefore actively contributes to a safer digital world.

The specialist for SMEs and larger companies, government, the healthcare sector, manufacturing industry and ICT organization

Trusted by 450+ organizations

Thanks to our customer-oriented, practical and clear approach, we have an excellent reputation and have a high customer satisfaction.

We therefore are being asked by more and more renowned companies and management consultants to carry out certification audits in the field of information security. The world and ICT are rapidly changing; that requires a specialist. DigiTrust has customers in the IT, telecom, government, healthcare, financial, insurance and energy sectors and we are proud of that.

Our process

How is the process going?

Our certifications are industry recognized and backed by positive customer reviews and experiences.

We offer a variety of certification programs to meet your needs. Our team of experienced professionals is always ready to guide you through the process.

Contact us today to learn more about our certification programs and how we can help your business grow.

Our 3 steps

Optimal guidance at every step of the process

The certification process can be complex. That is why our professionals guide you and your company throughout the entire process.


We will inform you completely in 1 hour

That way you will know all the ins and outs about the certification process.


Without charge

An intake interview with us is always completely without obligation.


We discuss the certification process

An intake interview with us is always completely without obligation.

Contact our specialists

During a personal conversation we discuss:

DigiTrust specializes in information security

ICT is developing rapidly and threats are increasing daily when it comes to information security. Large certification bodies have difficulty keeping up with these developments.
DigiTrust’s core business is information security; it is what we deal with every day. Auditing an organization for information security is a profession. We speak the language of your IT department, but also the language of the board and professionals.
It is important that proper auditing takes place, don’t you ultimately want to be sure that you really have it under control? Nobody wants an auditor who audits too ‘over-the-top’ or saddles you with irrelevant topics.
We are the specialists in information security and deliver quality.
Would you like to get to know the audit team? Then take a look at this page. (hyper link naar de gezichten pagina)


DigiTrust has an accreditation with the RvA (Raad van Accreditatie) under number C618 for the ISO27001 and also for the NEN7510, for both Healthcare providers and ICT service providers. In addition, DigiTrust has accreditation for the ISO9001 (quality management), the accreditation for the ICT sector and business services.

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Bent u aan het overwegen om voor uw organisatie certificering tegen ISO 27001,  NEN 7510 of ISO 9001 in gang te gaan zetten? Vul onderstaand formulier in en ontvang eenvoudig en geheel vrijblijvend een offerte van DigiTrust.

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